Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need any prior experience to do circus classes?

Anyone can do circus. You don’t need any prior experience to start doing circus; however some classes are for students who are more advanced. Intermediate and Advanced level classes in the timetable are clearly marked, and you should talk to the office or your trainer before going up a level.

What do I bring to circus classes?

Students should bring a water bottle and wear clothes which are appropriate for moving in and going upside down. Leggings and snug fitting t-shirts are ideal for aerial classes like trapeze and tissue. No watches, jewelry (especially not rings), zippers or other sharp or pointy bits.
Please do not bring glass water bottles into the space.

DOES Circus Monoxide Circus School offer Adult Classes?

Yes, absolutely! We have adult only classes and also classes for all ages which are open to adults and children alike in the same group. If you have a look in our timetable the age group is listed.

Does Circus Monoxide Circus School offer private classes?

Yes we do. Please contact our admin staff and they will arrange the right trainer for you!

Do you offer casual classes?

Yes, you can buy casual classes, and the price for each class is at the bottom of the timetable. You can only get access to classes as a casual if they are not full. Also, we do allow you to trial a class before you commit to a full enrollment. It costs $20 per hour of class for a trial class, and this money is taken out of the full term fee is you decide to continue.

Finally, we have safety concerns if people start an aerials class after the first 3-4 weeks. So a person who wants to trial aerials, or do a casual class when they haven’t done aerials before, will be asked to wait and start at the beginning of the next term.