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Circus Dropzone
Ever been curious about learning to juggle, or perhaps learning how to hula hoop? Our dropzones are perfect for curious passersby to come and give the circus a go with no obligation tpo hang around (although they'll want to).
With have a large variety of activities on offer and apparatuses to experience, it's whole lot of fun for all ages.
‍Our Circus Dropzone is perfect for large events such as community gatherings, and festivals.
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Roving Entertainment
Our talented artists bring the fun wherever to you, mingling with your guests to add excitement to any event. Whether it's the grand opening or a break in the action, they're there to make your experience unforgettable.
Perfect as a complement to a main stage act or to enhance your event's theme, our roving performers will immerse your guests in a world of wonder and delight!
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School Fete / Market Fair Package
The perfect package for your big outdoor events!
For a discounted price, you can hire roving performers to entertain crowds alongside a dropzone workshop for any passersby who may feel inspired to give the circus a go!

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Aerials Dropzone
Take the passersby entertainment to the next level by adding Aerials to the dropzone package. We can set up an aerials rig in your space and teach your guests to fly.


Get ready to unleash your inner performer and dive into the world of circus - because here (or wherever your event is), the fun never stops!

Circus Drop Zones offer an opportunity for everyone to experience the excitement of the circus!
From mastering the art of juggling and spinning plates to soaring through the air on trapeze, there's something for everyone to enjoy. Spend hours or just a few minutes trying out different skills with the help of our expert trainers or each other - it's all about having fun together!

The Circus Drop Zone can be tailored to suit any event, big or small. We provide all the necessary equipment, including mats and shade tents for your comfort.

Here's what our Circus Drop Zone includes:

- A  freestanding aerial rig featuring trapeze, silks, or rope for high-flying adventures (available in our Aerial Dropzone package).
- A wide array of apparatuses and activities to try your hand (or foot) at, including unicycling, juggling, diabolo, acrobatics, clowning, hula-hooping, flower sticks, and more!
- Shade tents

Experience the magic of the circus with Circus Monoxide's Circus Drop Zone—fun for kids and adults alike!


Roving brings our talented artists directly to your guests, creating an interactive and engaging experience. Whether it's the grand opening of your event or a break in the formalities, our roving performers add a touch of magic as they interact with your patrons, bringing your theme to life.

How long can we hire roving entertainers for?

Our roving artists are typically booked for 30 minute intervals, with flexible options. Longer bookings are available upon request, with appropriate break times to ensure the best experience for everyone.

How many roving entertainers do I need?

You're in control! We generally recommend a minimum of 2 rovers depending on the size of your event. Consider your space when making your decision - larger areas may benefit from multiple rovers, while intimate settings may only require only one.

Does roving entertainment need a certain amount of space?

While roving entertainment requires some space to move and perform, we tailor our acts to fit your venue. From tight spaces to vast open areas, our diverse roster of artists, including stilt walkers, jugglers, hula hoopers, and acrobats, ensures the perfect fit for your event.

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