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Circus Monoxide is NSW’s premier professional circus company based in Dharawal Country in the Illawarra, City of Wollongong. Founded in 1996, it gained its name as a defiant gesture, railing against human-induced climate change in response to our birthplace at the Bathurst 1000 races. The company gained a significant reputation due to its iconic hazard striped bus that served as both performance space and living quarters for the artists.

In its twenty-eight-year history the company has toured prolifically across Australia, presenting outdoor shows in regional centres and at major metropolitan festivals.

What's next
The original Circus Monoxide teamCircus Monoxide training and performance.
Circus monoxide studio

The circus school

changing the community

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In the year 2000 Circus Monoxide established a permanent training facility in the Illawarra region, where we deliver high quality recreational, pre-professional and fitness training through circus arts to all ages and skill levels.

This is where our youth performance troupe has collaborated with outstanding circus arts organisations across Australia including Ruccis Circus (Melbourne), Fling! Physical Theatre (Bega), Flipside Circus (Brisbane), Warehouse Circus (Canberra) and Corrugated Iron Youth Arts (Darwin).  

Circus Monoxide is committed to community outreach and provides access to local groups that represent marginalised members of society. We work with people with a disability, perform at aged care facilities, collaborate with refugee groups, sponsor disadvantaged students and partner with LGBTQI+ organisations. 
Our vision



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Become Sydney and Wollongong's Circus Hub.

Deliver fun, high level circus training for all.

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Break down barriers for access and promote community engagement through the art.

Become NSW's premier professional circus company for adults.

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