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About iClassPro - Our online, automated customer portal - how the new system works:

iClassPro allows customers to manage their accounts and bookings online and seamlessly.

You can access our portal here

Or download the iClassPro app on the App Store or on Google Play

Once you have opened the Circus Monoxide Portal in iClassPro website or on the app, you will then be able to create an account, this account will contain:

- Your name, contact details etc.

- Your children's names, Date of births, medical information (if required)

- Chosen payment method

- Accepted Circus Monoxide Policies

These details can always be edited at any time via the portal.

iClasspro allows those with Circus Monoxide accounts to:

- View all of our available classes

- Enrol into classes

- Go onto waitlist for already full classes (you will then be the first to be contacted should the space open)

- Request change of class days and times

- Add and edit your family info

- Keep payment information secure

- Mark student's absence from their lessons

- View your child's current skills progress at any time

- And much more...

How does payment work with IClassPro?

When initially enrolling with us, once you get to the 'payment cart' part of the booking, you will be provided 2 options of how you wish to pay:

1: Upfront Payment (Full Payment for the Term which you are enrolling)

How does this work?

Upfront payment will charge you the full Term of lessons upfront. So a 10-week term of Beginner Aerials for example would come to $230 plus the processing fees*.

2: Monthly instalments (Pay for lessons in partial payments)

*Please note you must still commit to the entire term with this payment type.*

How does this work?

  1. Monthly instalments will automatically charge you the amount of lessons which occur in that month, on the first Monday of every month, via your chosen method of payment stored on iClassPro, so in a 10-week term, your payment would be broken up into instalments which will be due each month.
  2. For example; You enrol in a Beginner Aerials class in June and there will be 2 lessons occurring in the month June. This means your payment for June would be $46 (2 lessons worth).
  3. In July there is then 5 lessons occurring. This would mean your July payment would be $115 (5 lessons worth)
  4. ALL enrolments with Circus Monoxide will be automatically rolled over into the next Term.
  5. This allows our valued student's to be first priority and keep their spot secured without having to re-enrol in future terms.
  6. If you wish to opt out of classes with Circus Monoxide at the end of the term you are currently enrolled in, simply let us know in person or send us an email asking to opt out and include the student's name

If you have any questions, please feel free to come and see us, call us on 02 4285 0066 or email us on cmadmin@circusmonoxide.com.au

If you have any questions or come across any issues, call us 9 - 5 Monday to Friday and we'd be happy to help!

Enjoy the class!

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