The class for learning how to roll, cartwheel, handstand and flip!

We have highly skilled tumbling coaches ready to take you through your paces on the floor. If you have a particular goal in mind let the trainer know so they can get you on the road to your tumbling dream!

Classes available for all ages and skill levels.

Active Kids Vouchers accepted!



Working on fundamentals, you will start gaining body awareness, strength and confidence. We focus on skills such as rolls, cartwheels, handstands and bridges with the right technique and body shape and form to keep our bodies safe.

Step up to more technically challenging skills such as roundoffs, handsprings, somersaults and kickovers and start learning sequences (multiple tricks in a row). There is more focus on strength and conditioning. Intermediate classes require a good body awareness and the fundamentals nailed.
Pre-requisite: roundoff (trial to assess)

Ideal for acrobats with experience, work your way through the beginner and Intermediate classes skill by skill and spring into this advanced class. This class focuses on somersault variations as layouts and twists, side aerials and advanced sequences combining multiple skills.
Pre-requisite: Back handspring on the ground (by invitation only)

Adagio Acrobalance
(Otherwise known as group or partner acrobatics)
Learn the art of lifting, counterbalancing, and creating gravity-defying shapes. Whether you're a beginner or have experience, Adagio Acrobalance classes will enhance your strength, flexibility, and trust in your partner.


Beginner Classes


Full Term



1 hour

Intermediate /Advanced Classes


Full Term

Project Income


1.5 hour

Adults Adagio Acro - 2 hour class


Full Term



2 hour