Preschool Classes - For our smallest acrobats.

Our experienced trainers will take your preschooler on a creative interactive adventure!

These classes involve games and obstacle courses, circus manipulation (juggling, flower sticks and hula hoops) as well as some aerials.

The benefits are endless and the method to learn is just a barrel of laughs. This class is suitable for kids aged 2-5 years old and parents are encouraged to join in the class however is not mandatory if your child doesn't need any help.

Younger siblings too young for the class are also more than welcome to crawl around on the floor while the class is going.


Why is Circus a good choice for my preschooler?

The skills preschoolers can gain through circus classes are fundamental building blocks for the big world.

By nurturing the valuable practice of living in the moment and using the body to express themselves, circus  can help to gradually expand a child's ability to connect with the world around them. This leads to the all important skill - healthy self expression.

It is also a way to express all the excess energy that children possess!
The unique blend of creativity and physical activity that is gratifying to both sporty and not-so-sporty kids. Without even knowing it, kids are learning rhythm, timing, patience, hand-eye coordination and team-work.

Circus is for everyone!

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