As the name suggests, aerials classes cover everything in the air!

These classes focus on silks, trapeze and lyra (aerial hoop), starting with the fundamentals as you build your strength and hone in your skills.

Intermediate and advanced classes will additionally include Rope, Spanish web and Cloud Swing.

We offer aerial arts classes for children and adults, beginner to advanced. Find out more about the thrill, the fun, and the benefits below!

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Aerials arts is like dance, but from the ceiling! This dopemine-inducing workout from the sky is about as fun as it gets. Make friends, build strength and find your power.
A very popular after-school activity, we provide classes for all ages and skill levels, so whether you are looking for a fun fitness activity for your child or you want to build strength and flexibility yourself (or maybe you want to become a pro) by attending Aerials classes you will:

- Build upper body and core strength
- Improve flexibility and control
- Boost stamina
- Build self confidence
- Look cool

All while gaining a new channel to unleash your self-expression and soar into new forms of creativity.

SILKS also known as Tissu’, is a long piece of fabric rigged to the ceiling. Use your strength to climb and do tricks in the air. Learn how to wrap the fabric around you to perform impressive poses increasing flexibility. As your skills advance, you will learn to drop, spin, slide and flip!

TRAPEZE is a bar of metal hanging from two ropes. Discover new tricks while improving body awareness, building physical strength, and perfecting timing. Test your strength by forming shapes with your body, the rope and the bar. Learn how to hang and contort while spinning and flipping.

LYRA involves a metal hoop hanging from the ceiling, and with it, you can do tricks, splits, sit in it, or hang from it! Discover how to spin on the lyra, turn upside-down and make various shapes with your body.


Beginner Classes


Full Term



1 hour

Intermediate/Advanced Classes


Full Term



1.5 hours

Students must commence Aerials classes within the first 3 weeks of term. This is to make certain that all participants have learned the necessary skills to ensure their safety throughout the term. For this reason, we do not offer casual classes (punch passes) for our Aerials programs.