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Circus is inclusive

Circus as a non-competitive and creative physical activity has been found to be beneficial as a social tool to improve social inclusion and group cohesion while developing the social skills, confidence, fitness and ability to manage risk in its participants.


Circus Monoxide is incorporated as a not for profit charity and runs social circus program. This program includes classes for:

  • People on the Autism Spectrum (ASD). People with autism often find that circus provides them with an opportunity to develop their skills and fitness in an accepting environment. It often also is a safe opportunity to break social isolation and develop social skills. As well as specific classes for people with ASD, we also can run private sessions to facilitate the student’s involvement in circus classes, and support students who want to part of our mainstream classes.

  • Young people who aren’t in mainstream schooling. Young people who haven’t coped with the traditional class environment often find the structure of circus training, with its activity-based learning, is an opportunity to re-engage with learning and feel a sense of achievement. They also learn about managing and understanding risk, which can help them to reassess risky behaviour they may engage in other parts of their life.

  • Better transition to high school, particularly for disadvantaged learners. The transition to high school can be a difficult time for all children, but particularly those from disadvantaged backgrounds. An effective transition can ensure that their secondary experience is productive. Circus Monoxide is working with Healthy Cities Illawarra and Communities for Children on a pilot program that tries to use circus to develop resilience and engagement with year 6 students to aid in their successful transition to high school.

  • Disadvantaged children and young people. We believe that the wealth of a person’s parents should not determine their ability to access the health and social benefits of circus, and we sponsor children and young people into our mainstream program.


Please contact us on (02) 4285 0066 or by e-mail at jonc@circusmonoxide.com.au if you want to discuss any of these programs with us

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