When do I have to pay my fees?
Class fees are due up front or speak to us about a payment plan or sponsored position if you are having trouble paying up front.

How do I enrol in circus classes?

Trybooking info...
Please visit the link ‘HOW TO ENROL’ here on the website.
Just give us a call or send us an email. If we aren’t able to take your call please leave a message with your child’s name and the class you’re interested in. We’ll get back to you ASAP.

How to Enrol

How to Enrol in Circus Monoxide Circus School Classes

Check out our TIMETABLE to decide what classes you/your child are interested in.

Follow this simple step by step to enrol in classes:

  1. Click the website link on the Circus Monoxide home page to go trybooking webpage.
  2. Click Continue Booking (bottom of the right hand of trybooking webage)
  3. Scroll down to selected your class. Please ensure day & time are correct.
  4. Click the desired class
  5. Enter “1”in the quantity of tickets box
  6. Click Continue Booking (button of the right hand of screen)
  7. Please complete all participants details (ie the person who is doing the class)
  8. To receive early bird discount on first class, go to bottom left to “gift/promotion code”, enter applicable code, (see below for discount codes)Ensure you press “Apply” to receive your discount. To receive  3 or more classes discount enter gift promotion code at the end of your booking.
  9. If you wish to purchase more tickets (more classes) click “This Events” (and repeat steps 1-9 again. Please note early bird discount only applies to the first class).
  10. When you have finished booking classes, Click Checkout
  11. Enter the payment details of the person on the card used to pay for the class.
  12. Make sure all the boxes at the bottom of the page are read and ticked.
  13. Please don’t print your “ticket” – we will use the information you have provided us to create rolls etc

Ensure that you have completed a waiver form before commencing circus classes.



  1. Early Bird discount is available for payments received one week before the beginning of each term. Our early bird discount is 8% of the first class enrolled in.
  2. Late Fees: Fees not finalized by Week 4 (unless alternative payment schedule has been negotiated) will incur a $15 late fee.
  3. Casual Payments. Due to our need to maintain teacher/student ratios and to ensure quality of teaching standards; we do not offer casual placements in classes. Exceptions exist in some adult classes.
  4. Discount for Multiple Classes: Individuals/Families who are paying for three or more classes (either because one child is doing three or more classes or there are other family members taking classes) will receive a 10% discount on the total of their fees. Please note early bird discounts do not apply in this situation.
  5. If you are unable to continue with classes partway through the term or with draw from a class a credit will be allocated to your account.
  6. Payment Plans and Sponsored Positions: CM Circus School believes strongly in making sure that all have access to circus classes. If any families or individuals are struggling to pay fees, please speak to us about negotiating a payment plan, so that fees can be paid in installments. If payment plans are negotiated, and a deposit paid before the early bird cut-off date, early bird rates will apply. Payment for classes should be completed by week 4 of term. We also offer sponsored positions in classes, at discounted rates. Please speak to admin staff if you require a sponsored position.