Saturday, 7th Dec - 10am

Call time: 9:00am

Monday 4-5pm General Circus with Aerials 5-8yrs

Monday 4.45-5.45 Intro to aerials 5-8yrs

Tuesday Microbats 2-5 years (*9.45 call)

Tuesday 3.45-4.45 General Circus 5-8yrs

Wednesday 3.45-4.45 Intro to aerials 5-8yrs

Wednesday 4.00-5.00 Beginner tumbling 5-8yrs

Thursday Microbats 2-5yrs (*9.45 call)

Saturday 10-11 Everything fun in circus (2 groups)

Saturday 11-12 Intro to aerials (6-9years)

Sunday, 8th Dec - 10am


Call time: 8:30am

Monday 3.45-4.45 Intro to Aerials 9-12yrs

Monday 5-6pm General Circus with Aerials 9-12 years

Tuesday 3.45 Intro to aerials 9-12yrs

Tuesday 3.45 Intermediate aerials 9-12yrs

Wednesday 4.45-5.45 Intro to aerials 9-12yrs

Wednesday 5.00-6.00 Beginner tumbling 9-12yrs

Thursday 3.45-5.15 Intermediate Aerials 9-12yrs

Thursday 5.15-6.45 Advanced Aerials 9-12yrs

Saturday 12-1 Intro to aerials (10-15)

Saturday, 7th Dec - 7pm

Call Time: 5:30pm

McQuire Family circus

Monday 7.15-8.45 Circus Fit

Monday 5.45-7.15 Intermediate/adv Trapeze and Lyra

Tuesday 11.30am Home school class

Tuesday 6.45-8.45 Beginner adult aerials

Tuesday 6.45-8.45 Intermediate/ Advanced Adult aerials

Wednesday 7.00-8.30 Adult tumbling

 Wednesday 7.00-9.00 Intermediate/adv. Tissu, rope and web

Thursday 6-8 Intermediate tumbling

Thursday 6-8 Advanced Tumbling

Thursday 6-8 Acro and Partner balance

Sunday, 8th Dec - 5pm


Call time: 3:30pm

Monday 5.45-7.15 Beginner Tissu

Monday 4.45-5.45 Contortion/flexibility

Monday 6.00-8.00 Balance, unicyle stilts and handstands

Tuesday 4.45-6.45 Advanced Teen Aerials 13 -18

Wednesday 5.45-7.15 Beginner Teen aerials

Wednesday 6.00-7.00 Beginner Teen tumbling

Wednesday 6.00-8.00 Intermediate tumbling

Thursday 5.00-6.00 General Circus (Both groups)

Thursday 6.45-8.45 Teen Intermediate Aerials

Friday 3.45-5.15 Beginner Teen Aerials

Saturday 11-12 Everything fun in circus 9-12

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