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The team

Members of Circus Monoxide's team have worked in some of the leading circus companies, training institutions and arts organisations in Australia, and overseas. We are large enough to have a strong diversity of skills, and small enough to have a strong community feel in the space.


Carmel Schenke

Executive Director
Carmel Schenke is a highly accomplished producer, organisational leader and strategist with 28 years of experience across the performing arts sector. She’s worked as a senior Producer across all artforms at Sydney Opera House, in youth education and arts programs including Musica Viva In Schools and Gondwana Choirs, and her leadership roles include Managing Director of strategy and innovation consultancy, InPlay Arts and Interim CEO of Sydney Improvised Music Assoc. Carmel comes to Circus Monoxide from her most recent role as General Manager of Sydney Fringe.

Zebastian Hunter 

Artistic Director
Joining Circus Monoxide in 2020 he has now developed a new work entitled The Construct, with many more creative projects lined up ahead.

Barbora Kamenska

Circus School Manager
Barbora has been working in the administration section of Circus Monoxide for 5 years. She has been responsible for enrolments, rostering and bookkeeping.

Ann Burbrook

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Louise Clark

Circus Trainer
Louise has a long history in performance arts, training in classical ballet, before leading into circus performance. She helps students train in a number of different skill sets.

Corey Pickett

Circus Trainer
Corey Pickett is a polished all-around international performer. With a background in theatre, he combines circus, music and physical theatre to create an energetic and eccentric performance.

Corie Hurry

Circus Trainer
Originally from Wollongong NSW, Corie Hurry is a circus artist best known for his performance of handstands on a stack of chairs.

Neisha Murphy

Circus Trainer
Neisha is a vibrant variety entertainer and director who graduated from Charles Sturt University with a Bachelor of Arts in Communications (Theatre and media) and holds a Diploma of Circus Arts from New Zealand. Winner of the International Women’s Day 2021 Creativity Award, danger is Neisha's middle name and she is best known for juggling knives and saws, launching machetes with her very own catapult and balancing a range of dangerous objects upon her face.

Blake Wilson

Circus Trainer
Blake is a professional aerialist and hula hooper with a dance background of ten years specialising in aerial silk, corde lisse, lyra and hammock.

Macy Carroll

Circus Trainer
Macy Carroll has been at Circus Monoxide for over 8 years, and trains in a variety of circus skills over the years, especially aerials.

Melissa Kisela

Circus Trainer
Melissa Kisela has been a member of Circus Monoxide for fourteen years as both a trainer and student, creating many performances with the Youth Troupe for events.

board members

Meet the board behind Circus Monoxide and the team that continues evolve the business.


Rob Howe

Rob is a long-time Monoxide parent (and more recently student) who has served on the committee since 2017.
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Peter Bradbury

Deputy Chair
Currently the Deputy Chair of the CM Management Committee, Peter has been on the board since 2017 and prior to that his engagement with Circus Monoxide was as a parent, seat stacker and he occasionally wielded a sledgehammer when CM had a ‘Big Top’.
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Allyson Pazos

Committee Member
Allyson joined the CM management committee as the Secretary in 2020. She has been part of the circus family as a community member and circus parent since about 2010 when her children joined the circus.
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Alexandra Giraldo

Committee Member
Alexandra has been part of the CM management committee since 2019. Has been part of the CM family since she landed in the down under in 2018 when CM helped her to find her community in a new country.
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Samuel Boyd

Committee Member
Samuel has over a decade of experience in marketing and PR, working with organisations including La Boite Theatre Company, Festival of Australian Student Theatre, Circa Contemporary Circus, National Institute of Circus Arts, and City of Melbourne.
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Lisa Maris McDonnell

Committee Member
A passionate advocate for regional arts, Lisa recently established Proper Motion in an effort to give visibility and opportunity to Illawarra based professional performers, projects and collaborators.
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