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Covid safe plan

If you would like a copy of this in PDF format, including NSW Health’s Contact Risk Assessment, please contact Barbora, our Circus School Manager, on cmadmin@circusmonoxide.com.au.

Thank you also for your co-operation in following these necessary COVID Safety rules – following all safety protocol to the letter is the best way for us, together, to keep everyone safe and keep Circus Monoxide open.  


Circus Monoxide has completed a COVID-SAFE PLAN with the NSW Government, which is reflected throughout the information below, and is registered as a COVID-SAFE ORGANISATION.  We have gone further to consider the activities of our face-to-face circus classes and have completed a COVID-safe plan for each class and an ACTION PLAN, based on NSW Health’s Contact Risk Assessment, for the event that a member of our community tests positive after being at a Circus Monoxide class.  This is all outlined below.



Physical distancing – all people need to stay 1.5m apart. Please follow directions of Circus Monoxide Trainers and Marshal and remain in position as advised.  

 1 person per 4 square metre rule –   Our space is over 300 square metres, so we are well and truly covered for one class or two classes running concurrently for up to 20 students in each class, presently with a maximum of 12 per class.

Ventilation– we are lucky to be able to open the large roller door, front door and backdoor, as well as having an exhaust fan in place.  With our space being over 300 square metres, we are at the most low-risk end of the Contact Risk Assessment provided by NSW Health.



-       Please do not attend classes or come to the Circus Monoxide space if you have any cold or flu symptoms, no matter how mild (even an unexplained headache).  We will need to send students home if we notice any symptoms.

 -       Remember to bring your vaccination certificate.

 -       Plan to arrive no more than 5 minutes prior to class

 -       In line with the public health order, we no longer require students to wear masks during class.




-       Please do not arrive any earlier than 5 minutes prior to the class.

 -       Please wait outside on the physical distancing X markers provided on the ground along the windows, until the marshal invites you in.  

 -       If it is raining, please wait in your car until you see that the entry way is not congested. Please always physical distance at minimum 1.5m apart.

-       Parents please do not arrive more than 5 minutes before the class ends to collect your child.

 -       Parents please come to the door to collect your child and wait for collection on the physical distancing X markers provided.

 -       Please promptly drive away from the car park in plenty of time for the next class to arrive (we have 15 minutes between classes).

 -       Parents who want to wait for their children during the class, will need to wait in their car. Unfortunately, we cannot have parents waiting inside the circus space.

-       If children are doing multiple classes, we will have every second chair available for children to sit and wait – they must use their chair only.

Students will be provided with a copy of the above instructions on confirmation of their booking.





  1.  Prior to each session staff will wipe down any equipment to be used in that session
  2. At the end of the session staff will wipe down any equipment used and pack away equipment.
  3. Attendance record of each training session to be forwarded to Circus School Manager at the end of each session.
  4. There will be no physical contact between students - i.e. No group adagio etc
        All people (students and trainers) will always remain 1.5m or further apart.
  5. Physical spotting or close contact without mask will be called out by Trainers and recorded by the Marshal.
  6. Aerial apparatus will not be shared – students use the same apparatus for the whole session.  A record is kept of the apparatus used and rotated among following sessions, so students get experience on     the variety of aerials.
  7. No parents, staff or other trainers to be in the space during the classes.

Additional COVID safe practices and their relation to Contact Risk Assessment

  1. Distancing: Trainers and students will at all timesstay 1.5m or further apart, in order to keep within the LOW RISK category of the Contact Risk Assessment.
  2. Physical Spotting:   For safety and instruction, there are times when students will need to be physically spotted by trainers.  Even if both student and trainer are wearing masks, if one later tested positive to COVID, the physical contact of spotting will take both student and trainer into the CASUAL CONTACT category of the Contact Risk Assessment.

10. Masks and aerials:  For students who chose to wear masks, for safety, students will remove masks during aerial work and keep it with them (tucked into their clothing).  The student can immediately replace their mask as soon as they return to ground. Given the size of Circus Monoxide’s training space is greater than 300m2, should someone later test positive to COVID, even with mask briefly removed, both trainer and students will remain in the LOW RISK category of the Contact Risk Assessment.

  1. Masks and tumbling:  For students who choose to wear masks, if the Trainer thinks any movement is not possible or not safe with a mask on, then the same information as for point 8 (Masks & Aerials) above applies.





If a Student, Trainer, Marshal or other staff member is required to get a COVID test:

a.       they must inform our Circus School Manager, Barbora, immediately and not return to Circus Monoxide until they have received a negative result (please inform Barbora of that result by emailing a copy of the SMS message showing the result (email provided to students on booking confirmation)).  

If a Student,Trainer or a Marshal receives a positive COVID test result, they must immediately inform Barbora and Carmel (Executive Director) and Circus Monoxide’s ‘plan of action’ will be followed, which is informed by Health NSW’s Contact Risk Assessment.

a.       Please report your positive test result immediately by SMS to BOTH Barbora and
Carmel (mobile phone numbers given to students on booking confirmation); and

b.     Please then follow that up immediately with a phone to either Barbora or Carmel, to ensure the message was received.

The decision of whether to continue face to face training after a COVID positive result rests with our Executive Director, Carmel, in line with our COVID Action Plan which is informed by NSW Health’s Contact Risk Assessment.




NSW Health’s Contact Risk Assessment identifies that – due to the size and ventilation of our Fairy Meadow space, the fact that only fully-vaccinated people are in attendance and all are wearing masks – if a COVID positive case occurs, most instances will result in LOW RISK contact, and only rarely (through physical spotting) will CASUAL CONTACT status occur. And that would be only one or two people in the class affected with CASUAL CONTACT status, if any.

  1. If any member of any face-to-face class reports a positive COVID test result, a virtual meeting must be called immediately.
  2. Meeting attendees to include Executive Director, Circus School Manager, Trainer/s involved 
  3. Purpose of meeting:

a)       To ascertain risk to members of the bubble – using the NSW Health Contact Risk Assessment, identify whether a Casual Contact or Low Risk contact has occurred.  

b)       To arrange for the space to have a deep clean

c)       To inform – where necessary – any affected Students, Trainers or other staff, and give information from NSW Health’s instructions for Low Risk or Casual Contacts.  This would include, where necessary, information on any need to get tested and isolate until a negative test is received, or just monitor for symptoms.  This would be based on risk identified in point a) as to whether anyone is a Casual Contact or Low Risk contact.

d)       To ascertain if other face-to-face class training bubbles need to be informed (if any affected students cross over classes).

  1. Report to NSW Health if three or more people test positive as per NSW Health requirements 
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