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Alexandra Giraldo

Committee Member

Alexandra has been part of the CM management committee since 2019. Has been part of the CM family since she landed in the down under in 2018 when CM helped her to find her community in a new country. Circus Monoxide and Circus Wow have been her big family and have changed positively her Australian experienced. She is an experienced physiotherapist currently doing her PhD in Bioengineering at UOW. Aside from her research background, Alexa works with older adults seeking on improving their movement while connecting with others, she also has a role as a Student leader at UOW accommodations where she designs and implements programs to support international students. Always passionate about exploring movement and its multidisciplinary possibilities, she has worked with dancers and circus artist from a biomechanics perspective, has been engaged in multiple creative processes with many collective/community groups and occasionally has provided project management support. Alexa is always happy to talk about your health issues, explore around nature, climb on trees and her heart beats faster when Latin sounds are around, so her body is always ready to dance!

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