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Hoops at the Circus
Always warm-up before doing any other exercises from this Website.


This is our dance warm-up with Mel. Make sure you do this before you start any of our other training videos to be warm enough to avoid injury. This is a video that you probably will want to do anytime you need to shake off frustration, or, get stir crazy. And it is fun to do with other people hanging around the house.

Warm up Mel.png

Learn this dance here! We have divided it into small parcels that you can put together once each bit is mastered.

Become a Star! Film yourself, and possibly others in your house doing this dance. When you are ready, upload the video to our Dropbox, and you may end up on this page!  We will be sharing videos that are well made and are different from the previous videos we have posted.

See previous videos here.​

Stretch before being active - Do these exercises.