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Current Productions


GLOW is a sculptural, visual art and light circus performance activation that was commissioned by Chadstone The Fashion Capital and District Agency. This new performance, on our bespoke Cube apparatus performs in non-conventional performance spaces, both outdoors and indoors.

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Production dEtails

Director - Zebastian Hunter

Producer - Linda Catalano

Costume Designer - James Browne

Lighting Designers - Niklas Pajanti & Richard Gorr

Composer - Ian Moorhead

Production Manager - Richard Gorr

Artists - Samuel Aldham, Sarah Gray, Jonathan Morgan & Josie Wardrope

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GLOW is a new performance art piece presented on the aXis bespoke cube apparatus.  Created uniquely for Chadstone the Fashion Capital’s April school holidays, this show is inspired by the spark of life, a feeling of electricity that runs through each and connects us. Four new performers discover the constraints and opportunities of the cube, weaving, contorting and tumbling in and around not only the steel bars but also tubes of light. Featuring fresh artistic content, this work has entirely new skills, choreography and design.

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