Hoops at the Circus

Come Join The Circus

Applying Circus skills to Realise Opportunities

A pathway for emerging circus artists - Start your circus career.

ACRO is a 6-month program where you start a circus career by:

  • Learning to run yourself as a circus business

  • Developing acts and skills that can be marketed

  • Finding opportunities to earn money from those acts and skills, and starting to earn money while in the course

  • Developing skills that allow you to work with others, and achieve your aims

  • Developing skills to take the next step, whether it is performing in a group, teaching circus skills, performing your own act, or attending further studies, such as NICA. In fact, most students will want to achieve several of these things.


​This course is for people of any age who have finished high school, and are serious about starting a career. It is particularly good for people who are searching for a place to start and want a supportive environment to develop a career that they design for themselves. 


​There are no academic pre-requisites for this program, but you need to show that you are committed to circus and work well with others. You also need to be able to be self-directed and have a vision for what you want to achieve.


This course has no assessments and is solely aimed at helping you achieve your circus vision. While there are classes, this constitutes only a few of the 18 hours scheduled each week for the course. The rest of the time you are working on developing your skills and projects, with support from circus professionals for several hours each day, so at the end of the course, these projects are already earning you money and/or providing you with opportunities to advance your circus career.


​If this is you, please read the course information in the link below, and then fill out the course application. 

Applications close for Semester 2, 2020 close on 14th July 2020 at 5pm. Late applications will be accepted, but priority is given to applications received by the due date.